The answers provided to the questions in this section will serve as a guide to using NJ Transfer.
What is NJ Transfer and who should use it?
NJ Transfer is a Web site designed to facilitate the process of transferring courses from a community college to a four-year college or university in New Jersey. NJ Transfer will prove useful to someone who: 1) is enrolled or planning on enrolling in a community college before transferring to a New Jersey four-year college or university; 2) advises or counsels potential or current community college students.
How can I be sure the information on NJ Transfer is current?
Most courses reflect both a 'Course Effective' date and 'Evaluation Effective' date of Fall 2001, as this is the term NJ Transfer came into existence. When a community college develops a new course or revises an existing course, it is submitted to NJ Transfer with a new 'Course Effective' date. Additionally, on occasion the four-year college will revise its requirements, which results in a change of the original course evaluation. The revised evaluation is then given a new 'Evaluation Effective' date.

The four-year colleges are required to review their Transfer Programs every year and make updates where necessary. If a college does not review its Transfer Programs for two consecutive years, the programs are removed from NJ Transfer until they have been reviewed.
I attend a four-year university in New Jersey. Can I use NJ Transfer?
You can use NJ Transfer if you are interested in enrolling in a course(s) at a New Jersey community college and transferring them back to your four-year institution. Be sure to obtain prior approval from your four-year institution before registering for any course at another school.
What should I do if a course I'm interested in taking at a community college doesn't transfer to the four-year college I plan to attend?
We suggest you meet with the transfer counselor at the community college to discuss your options. You may still wish to take the course to satisfy a personal interest or, the course may be necessary to complete a program or degree requirement at the community college.
By completing the Transfer Program in NJ Transfer, will I also satisfy all the course requirements for the AA or AS Degree at my community college?
Although many of the course requirements for the AA or AS Degree correspond to those in the freshman and sophomore years at the four-year college or university, there can be differences between the two programs. You should always use the Associate degree requirements in conjunction with the Transfer Program when selecting your courses.
What if the Transfer Program for my major includes a course not offered by my community college?
We suggest you meet with the transfer counselor at your community college to discuss your options. Your counselor may advise you to take other courses that will transfer into your major program of study. You may also consider enrolling at the four-year institution you plan to attend during a summer session to complete the courses not offered at your community college.
How can I receive answers to transfer, admission, or financial aid questions?
If after searching the college's/university's Web site, you would like to receive additional information about their transfer policies and procedures or admission and financial aid requirements, e-mail the person at the four-year institution listed on the 'Explore NJ Colleges' page.
Which New Jersey two- and four-year schools participate in NJ Transfer?
Each of the 18 community colleges and 25 of the four-year colleges in the State participate. At this time Pilar College, Princeton University and Stevens Institute of Technology do not participate in NJ Transfer. A list of the participating schools can be found on the 'Explore NJ Colleges' page.
Does NJ Transfer provide articulation information for out-of-state schools?
NJ Transfer only provides course and academic program information for colleges and universities in New Jersey.
I took courses at more than one New Jersey community college. Can I still use NJ Transfer?
Yes. The components of NJ Transfer will allow you to enter course information from more than one community college.
I'm undecided about the major I'm going to pursue. Can I still plan my community college course selection using the Transfer Program component of NJ Transfer?
Yes, you can use the Transfer Program component to identify the general education requirements you need at the four-year college or university. We also encourage you to work closely with the transfer counselor at your community college.
If I complete all the community college course and general education requirements outlined in the Transfer Program, will I have satisfied all the freshman and sophomore requirements for the four-year institution I plan to attend?
Not necessarily. Some four-year colleges and universities have other requirements that can only be completed at the four-year school. We strongly encourage you to read the 'Additional Requirements and Information' section located at the bottom of the Transfer Program page. You should also seek the advice of your transfer counselor.
What does it mean if a course is 'Pending'?
'Pending' means the course has not yet been evaluated by the four-year institution. It is likely this is a new course at the community college that was recently submitted for review. We recommend you e-mail the person at the four-year institution listed on the 'Explore NJ Colleges' page.

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If you are a STUDENT and have questions regarding your academic status or questions specific to our partnered institutions'; admissions requirements/procedures, academic programs, transfer or course equivalency information, scholarship and financial aid programs, please contact an academic advisor or transfer counselor at the appropriate community college, or an admissions counselor at the appropriate four-year college or university.

All other questions can be directed to the New Jersey Transfer Initiative using the Contact Us link below.